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Our rice stands out for its superior taste, aroma, and texture, a result of our meticulous cultivation and processing methods


We prioritize eco-friendly practices, from responsible sourcing to energy-efficient processing and deliverables

Custom Solutions

Catering to diverse culinary preferences, we offer a range of rice varieties and packaging options, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients

Super Basmati Rice

Exquisite, aromatic Super Basmati Rice: Pakistan’s finest grain, grown in Punjab & Sindh provinces.
Aromatic, long-grain perfection cherished for its exquisite flavor, delicate aroma, and tender texture. Elevate your culinary experience with every nourishing bite.

1121 Steam Basmati Rice

Long, fragrant grains, steam-cooked to perfection, a culinary masterpiece
Exquisitely steamed, long-grain delight, offering a harmonious blend of taste and aroma. Elevate your dishes with this culinary masterpiece of texture and flavor.

1121 Sella/Parboiled Rice

Parboiled to seal nutrients, luscious taste, a delight in every grain.
Parboiled to perfection, each grain embodies a balance of taste and nutrition. Elevate your meals with its delectable flavor and delightful, tender texture.

Traditional Basmati Rice

Traditional Basmati Rice is grown in selected regions of the Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan.
Traditional Basmati Rice offers an authentic, aromatic experience with its long, slender grains. Elevate your dishes with this cherished culinary gem, embodying rich heritage and flavor.

Pakistani Basmati D-98 ducts

Pakistani Basmati D-98 is famous for its aroma and cooking all over the world and is cultivated in the Sindh Province of Pakistan

It is also recognized as the Sindhi Basmati. It is a popular variety of rice that has a global demand because of its extra-long length, rich pearl white color, and aroma.

PK-386 Long Grain

PK-386 long grain is a non-basmati variety of rice grown in the province of Punjab. Its taste and flavor resemble that of the Super Basmati.

It has a superior taste and therefore, is one of the most demanded rice in the Middle East and African markets.

IRRI-6 Long Grain

Versatile and wholesome, these slender grains elevate meals with their delightful texture.
IRRI-6 is a long-grain rice cultivated mostly in Sindh. It is a non-basmati rice with excellent cooking properties, long soft grain, and is economical. IRRI-6 Rice is mainly exported to Africa, Bangladesh, the Middle East, and the Philippines.

IRRI-9 Long Grain

A culinary delight, these slender grains offer versatility and mouthwatering appeal
IRRI-9 is a long-grain, non-basmati rice, cultivated in Pakistan. It is mostly grown in the Sindh and Punjab regions of Pakistan because the climate supports its cultivation. It has a long and narrow, opaque grain that stays in shape even after being cooked.