Super Basmati Rice

Exquisite, aromatic Super Basmati Rice: Pakistan’s finest grain, grown in Punjab & Sindh provinces

1121 Steam Basmati Rice

1121 Steam Basmati: Long, fragrant grains, steam-cooked to perfection, a culinary masterpiece

1121 Sela Basmati Rice

1121 Sela Basmati: Parboiled to seal nutrients, luscious taste, a delight in every grain

Traditional Basmati Rice

Time-honored perfection: Traditional Basmati Rice, aromatic, authentic, and cherished for its flavor

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Years of experience

ZAKIR Watto Rice Mills is a world renowned Manufacturer & Exporter of Basmati and Non Basmati Rice in Pakistan. We are commied for cultivating, processing, and delivering excellence in every grain being your trusted rice partner.

Why Choose Us?

  • In depth experience of milling, procuring, storing and exporting Rice
  • Certified in production and supply
  • Complete solutions due to advanced Rice milling machineries
  • Committed to quality and Services
  • Modern testing laboratory at the mill
  • Skilful and competent staff with 24/7 monitoring of the production
  • Exceptional quality standards and quality assurance
  • Extensive range of Pakistani Rice at competitive favourable prices
  • On-time delivery

We Have Some Exceptional Features for
Why Choose Us..!!

Exceptional Quality

Our rice stands out for its superior taste, aroma, and texture, a result of our meticulous cultivation and processing methods.

Global Reach

With an extensive distribution network, we bring our premium rice to tables around the world, ensuring accessibility.


We prioritize eco-friendly practices, from responsible sourcing to energy-efficient processing and deliverables.


Constantly striving for excellence, we embrace cutting-edge technologies to enhance our products and processes, setting new industry standards.

Custom Solutions

Catering to diverse culinary preferences, we offer a range of rice varieties and packaging options, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients

Commitment to Community

Beyond business, we engage in community development initiatives, empowering local farmers and fostering social progress through our endeavors

Elevating Flavors, Inspiring Moments: Taste the Essence of Pure Excellence

ZAKIR Watto Rice Mills, A project of most reputed and fast growing business, is one of the leading processor and exporter of super Basmati, 1121 Steamed Rice and 1121 Parboiled Rice from Pakistan.